Interview done by Lauren Carothers, Producer 204 Events

As El Niño sweeps Southern California, here at 204Events, we are lost in an array of wintery white event designs and cream and ivory decor pieces. As we celebrate the season’s specialty colorway, “Winter White”, we asked event designer and planner, Rebecca Udell of Rebecca Lynn Events and Gourmet Celebrations, her favorite things about this mood.

1. Some may not know the difference between white-white and winter-white, can you explain the difference? There are so many shades of white. The best way to describe what winter white is to think of snow flakes. That is the cleanest and truest white out there. Don’t be fooled by the other shades if you are wanting to really use white for an event.

2. Winter White has often been used in fashion as a transitional color, but we are all seeing it more and more in design. How do you personal like to use it for events decor? I love to use white. It is a crisp and clean color and can be used by itself or mixed with other colors to make them pop. I love using white because it works for very traditional events and decor as well as modern and whimsical event design. I love the use of white fabric not just as a linen but as accent pieces; hanging and draped from the ceilings or on the walls and bringing in big white full flowers to give texture.

3. For tabletop, what is your favorite winter white accent piece? I love white with crystals… something that sparkles. Whether it be crystal candle bases of different heights or interesting crystal bowls filled with white flowers. The use of mercury glass works really well with a stark white event as well. When using white you need to embrace the color and cleanliness it portrays… let it pop.

5. So many people are loving the modern feel for their events, Winter white fits perfectly with that! Why do you think winter white and modern design fit so nicely together? I love the tie in of a crisp white and modern design. When you think of white most people think of clean lines which is exactly what modern is. You don’t need much but nicely placed items throughout a room with tight edges and decor pieces.

4. Now that we are in full swing of winter, what are you looking forward to most for your Spring events? I love planning for winter events. However, I very much look forward to using bright and vibrant colors again. I love the ability to set a mood for an event by utilizing colors.