Meet Anna Cano

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Anna is one of the few Native Angelos on staff here at 204 Events. Born in Santa Monica and raised in La Crescenta, she holds a business degree in Marketing from Cal State University, Northridge. She recently joined 204 Events in our Sales and Event Production Division.

Where did you come from before 204 Events?
I started in the event business at Abbey Event Services in 2003. Shortly after, Abbey was bought out by Classic Party Rentals and I was there for 10 years.

What types of clients did you work with?
I have had the opportunity to work with several large accounts such as UCLA, MTV Networks (backstage and red carpet), Cal Arts, the LA Food and Wine Festival and of course, non-profit gala dinners, weddings and special birthday parties.

What types of events would like to pursue with Line 204?
I was always the “go-to” person on the larger events at UCLA such as Parents Weekend, Jazz Reggae and Alumni Weekend, requiring a lot of logistics and planning with a large volume of tables, chairs, linens and tenting. My plan is to continue working on the bigger events while focusing on the creative and show my clients just how innovative their events can be while working within their budget. I would also like to venture outside of Los Angeles to places like Carmel, Las Vegas, San Diego or Palm Springs to do events with our clients. That would be fun for me.

What rare skill do you think you bring to the table?
A seamlessly executed event requires proper preparation, timelines and great communication within your group. My logistics and time management skills are my strong points allowing for these things to fall into place. Without them, an event will most certainly run into problems even before delivery begins. I think of an event as a huge puzzle that needs to fit together since we are typically the first ones at the location and also the last ones to leave. We have to be prepared to expect the unexpected!!

What is special about 204 Events?
204 Events loves to create and take on the challenges that other companies may not want to or do not have the capacity to do. I love that we have the capability of providing customized pieces for themed parties such as specialty linens, furniture covers and themed bars. This gives us the opportunity to really create. In the short time I have been here, I have seen our guys make some beautiful items for our clients. 204 Events does not say “no”, which means we are always innovating. And in the end, we can always put that new one-of-a-kind item into our rental inventory, so it’s a win/win for everyone.

What do you think of the new warehouse?
Oh, I think it is really smart and cohesive having 204 Events, Angstrom Lighting, ZG04 decor, and our motorhome division under one roof. We are creating a “One Stop Shop” which makes it easier for our clients. Our breadth of knowledge of our entire inventory will makes us very competitive in this market. Plus, the training within each group will be really helpful across all our brands.

What would the dream project be?
I would like to have the opportunity to be more involved in the front-end design of an event. I would like to show my creative side by collaborating with my clients to make their ideas come to fruition. I would love to do more of that.

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